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Mavelous effect of M800
Nice to see you! Logistics peak season.
In this E-commerce boom era, shopping event comes every month. So there is always a peak season for the logistics industry. Double 11, also known as Chinese Black Friday, is one of the world’s most significant shopping events. During this shopping event, a logistics company needs to deal with tons of parcels per day. 2020 Oct, ComOne Express Company purchased six Mohist M800 DWS equipment units. During double 11, each M800 equipment handled more than ten thousand parcels per day. This dimensioning, weighing, and scanning integration system can raise work efficiency and avoid the unnecessary loss and costs caused by manual measurement errors.
ComOne says
Thanks to our team and support of Mohist Technology, this Year's Black Friday, we created unprecedented work efficiency, we achieved a successful performance.
—— Mr.Zhang, warehouse director of ComOne Express Company
M800 greatly improve efficiency of inbound-outbound process
The industrial chain of automotive manufacturing is long and complicated. A car contains thousands of components, which need to be organized properly. The traditional inbound-outbound process is tedious. It requires vast amounts of money and effort. BYD auto purchased Mohist M800 DWS equipment. After discussion with the BYD team, mohisttech provides some custom solutions. The whole M800 system enhances work efficiency and speeds up the process.
Mohisttech’s equipment is easy to operate. It solves the problem of low efficiency and measurement error caused by manual measurement. Furthermore, its built-in camera records the physical condition of every auto part, greatly improving the efficiency of the whole inbound-outbound process.
—— Mr. Sun, warehouse manager of BYD Auto
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