Static dimensioning weighing and scanning machine
M600 automatic or manual reading code weighing volume measuring system can obtain data such as bar code, HD color photography, weight, volume (length/width/height) of passing goods in real-time, with fast speed and high accuracy. The measured data can be uploaded in real-time, and can be connected with WMS warehouse management system, ERP system, etc., and has been widely used.

In dimension measurement, the average measurement accuracy is up to ±1mm, which benefits from the unique technology of Mohist Tech. The maximum range of length measurement is 60cm(customized), minimum range of length measurement is 1cm(customized) perfect for most of the needs of the international logistics industry. Capability up to 1000pcs/ hour, any more requirements Can be customized.
Technical Specification

Meas Length

10 to 600mm

Meas Width

10 to 400mm

Meas Height

1 to 400mm

Dimension Meas Accuracy

± 1mm

Weight Capacity

0.005 to 30kg

Weight Measurement Accuracy

± 1g

Parcel Processing

≈ 1000pcs/ hour

Parcel Type


Bar Code Recognizer

Manual wireless bar code scanner

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