High Accuracy Belt Weighing Scanning Equipment
M400 is used for the weighing and scanning of Express small packages. It integrates the functions of automatic code scanning, automatic photographing, automatic weighing, and automatic piece counting. After the collected bar code and weight data are fused by software, it is automatically entered into the E-commerce, express, and logistics management systems.

In dimension measurement, the average measurement weight accuracy up to ±0.5g for within 2kg parcels will be higher, which benefits from the unique technology of Mohist Tech. Adopts belt table, the capability can be up to 1500-2000 Pcs/ Hour, any more requirements can be customized.
Technical Specification

Weight Capacity

0.005 to 20kg

Weight Measurement Accuracy

± 0.5g (≤2kg)
± 1.0g (≥2kg)

Parcel Processing

≈ 1500-2000 pcs/h


Tracking bill capture(HD)

Bar Code Recognizer

Automatic camera scanner

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